Company Vision and Mission

NextGen Informatics Limited

The advent of NextGen Informatics Limited in an over populous country like Bangladesh can work as a blessing. With the ratio of doctor to patients being significantly low it is very difficult to ensure proper treatment of people. And one of the major reasons of this situation is the failure in detecting the correct disease of the patient. At present thousands of innocuous patients die everyday just because we do not have enough resources and time to detect and treat the diseases properly.

NextGen Informatics Limited is the first company in Bangladesh to be working with genome sequencing with an aim to aid medical sectors. The clinical samples will be used for sequencing of bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other organisms present within the sample to find out the prevalence of infection or any kind of mutation. All of these sequencing will be done with the help of next generation sequencing, also known as high throughput sequencing. This method will allow us to sequence large number of samples in a very short time and with less cost.

NextGen Informatics Limited also aims to be a valuable resource for the researchers who will be working with DNA sequences. This company hopes to bring a revolution in the medical sector of this country by providing efficient services and making those services accessible and affordable for all.